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The most popular fish shooting games

How to play fish shooting game?

This type of shooting game is a fun, accessible and entertaining way to learn about how fish shooting games work. The more players play the better they understand how fish act, and this leads to improved scores! Here are the things you need to keep in mind during the fish shooting game:

  • Know the value of the target

First you need to know the value of the targets in the game, there are usually three types:

  • Normal fish – these targets are often found on the screen, they have low bonuses but are easy to beat.
  • Special fish – this type of target has special features and if you defeat it you can usually get a unique weapon.
  • Boss fish – This type of target appears at certain times and is difficult to defeat, but has a relatively high prize.
  • You need to watch the timing when shooting

After you know the value of the target, you need to think about the target you want to shoot, according to the above, ordinary fish often appear, boss fish will appear at a specific time, if you aim at the boss fish, then you need to save the ammunition until the target appears in the time to shoot.

  • Use the free version to practice

Most of the fish shooting games have a free version, you are advised to try this version before playing, so that you can understand the game better and reduce your losses.

  • Change ammunition in time

Your ammunition is the betting amount, usually there are 2~3 types of weapons in fish shooting game, the weapon with less attack power needs lower betting amount, usually this weapon is enough to shoot normal fish, however, if you want to shoot boss fish, please change the weapon with more attack power.

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