Sic Bo winning skills! Steady strategy makes you sure

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese gambling game. Because of its simple gameplay, quick rhythm and rich betting combinations, it is very popular among players in Asia and even the world. The game only uses three dice, and players need to guess the points drawn by the dice If the result of the dice is as the player bet, the player wins, otherwise the player loses the bet amount.
At the beginning of the Sic Bo game, three six-sided dice of equal weight are placed in a covered opaque cup by sitting dice (the dealer) and shaken. Players can place bets in any betting area. When the dealer rings the clock It means that the cover cup will be opened after the betting is stopped, commonly known as opening dice. Since the banker has always been in a relatively favorable position in the Sic Bo game, the player’s chances of winning are usually not high; and in each live casino betting area , Buying “big and small” is the most beneficial to players, so there is another name for betting on size. If you are interested, csmbet also provides more casino games, such as slot machines, poker games and fishing games.

Conservative (Low Risk Player)

Patient players can bet in the area where the banker has the least advantage. In Sic Bo, the banker has the greatest advantage in betting on buy size and combination bets.

Buy size

In Sic Bo, buying the closest equal chance bet (similar to red/black in roulette), and adopting a progressive entertainment strategy can make this bet perfect.

1, 3, 2, 4 Raiders

The numbers represent betting units. So, if you bet in increments of 10, the sequence is 10, 30, 20, 40, and if you bet in increments of 100, the sequence is 100, 300, 200, 400.
If you have been winning, you can use this sequence to move forward. If all four of your bets win, start over. If you lose any of your bets, start over. In a 1-3-2-4 strategy, If all four bets win, it’s a big win, as long as the first two bets are won, even if the third bet is lost, it is still a winner.

If the first bet is lost, then 1 unit will be lost.
If you lose the second bet, you will lose 2 units (bet 4, win 2)
If you lose the third bet, you will make a profit of 2 units.
If you win the third and fourth bets, you will win a total of 10 units.
However, even if you lose the fourth bet, you can still get 2 units.
The 1-3-2-4 strategy used in buy size gives steady and patient players a chance to win Sic Bo. On the Sic Bo table, buy size allows the maximum bet amount, so the winnings will be considerable .

Bet combination

Combined betting (any two specific numbers) has little advantage, the probability of winning the combined bet is 6:1, the odds are 5:1, use 30 betting units for combined betting (choose two numbers , the lucky number of the lucky game), according to this probability, you should be able to win 4 times in 30 bets. If you have won 4 times before reaching 30 bets, and you have won the prize money, just stop! csmbet offers players a 24/7 betting service, accepting bets on major and minor leagues, cups and tournaments on a variety of sports and events around the world.

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