Sic Bo game introduction

In the introduction of Sic Bo betting, it will sequentially introduce the way Sic Bo games are played, the range of games that Sic Bo can bet on, the odds and probability estimates for each bet when betting, some eyebrows about betting on the Internet, and the more common ones. betting methods.

Tool of Sic Bo

Let’s start with a few tools that make up the Sic Bo game

  1. One dice cup
  2. Dice – 3 pieces
  3. Special tablecloths and tables for betting on Sic Bo
    At the beginning of the game, three dice are placed in the dice cup, and then the croupier rolls the dice, but this is used in physical casinos where the inside of the dice cup cannot be seen. Online casinos are all in the form of video. Playing Sic Bo is much simpler. When the time is up, you can place a bet. The dice cup is also transparent, which feels very present. The advantage is that there will be no situations like cheating. Generate, just like playing csm bet live casino, with the csmbet app you can even sit at your desk or sofa and play your favorite games in real time!

Sic Bo Rule And Odds

Here we introduce the gameplay of Sic Bo betting and the options for betting.
Big and small bets, odds 1:1
Before the start of the game, choose big or small. Because there are three dice, 3~10 is small, and 11~18 is big. But 3 and 18 are all leopard types, so they are not included in the size category during the game. , so 4~10 is small, and 11~17 is big.

Single and double betting, odds 1:1
Odd and even numbers from the sum of the points of the three dice are betting types, but 3 and 18 belong to the leopard category and are not applicable to this betting.

Sum point betting
From 4 to 17, each probability is different, and it is taken for granted that the odds also have different sizes.
The total points are 4 points and 17 points, and the odds are the same at 1:50.
If the total points are 5 points and 16 points, the probability is the same and the odds are the same, the odds are 1:18.
The odds are 1:14 for a sum of 6 or 15 points.
The three dice add up to 7 and 14, and the odds are 1:12.
The total is 8 points or 13 points, the probability is the same, the odds are 1:8.
In addition, the sum is 9, 10, 11, 12, and the odds are all 1:6.

Single Dice Prediction Betting
In the process of betting, choose any number from 1 to 6 to bet. Assuming that the bet is 2, the odds of “one 2” on the dice drawn are 1:1, and the odds of “two 2s” on the dice are drawn. 1:2, if there are three odds 1:3.

Craps Prediction Betting
Three dice choose two possible points for betting, and the odds are 1:5.

Pair Prediction Betting
Guess that two identical points may appear on three dice. There are six numbers for you to choose, and the odds are 1:8.

Dice Prediction Betting
Wei dice is explained in terms here: the meaning of the same points on three dice. In the betting of Wei Dice betting, it is to bet on who may appear a leopard with 1~6 points (the three points are the same), and the odds are 1:150.

Crap Prediction Betting
This is higher than the odds of betting on dice predictions, predicting the probability that all leopards may qualify, and the odds are 1:24.

Sic Bo Betting Tips

When Sic Bo draws out points, sometimes it seems like an evil spirit, and the number of points drawn out fluctuates from big to small. In this case, the probability of getting a leopard is very high.
In a situation like this, it is necessary to adjust the betting method in a timely manner. Sometimes there will still be a situation where God can’t get through with you, so try to avoid dangerous bets.
To put it another way, if the data panel shows that the size of the six consecutive Sic Bo is five times small and one big, then you need to seize the opportunity as soon as possible, bet small as soon as possible, and stop betting when the leopard appears. Watch from the outside to see if there is a time to enter the market in other markets.

Smooth Betting Tips
This strategy betting is very suitable for novice bets, and it is also very suitable for betting players who like to be stable. Most of the betting direction is low-risk betting, such as single and double betting or large and small betting. The probability is based on the odds of 1:1 superior.

Medium Risk Betting Tips
This Sic Bo betting method tends to be medium-level risk, and the odds are around 1:8, so you can try to play within this betting range. Players in this range want to make some money and want to enjoy just now. Good excitement, and I will teach you a little betting trick. In the next game, assume that there will be two 2s in the next game. The total range of points may be 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and there will be no 3 , 4, 11, 12, and 13 can be deleted, and you can choose medium-risk 2 pairs and single dice predictions during betting.

High Risk Betting Tips
Unless you are very lucky that day, I really don’t recommend trying it. How good it is is probably like the kind of friend who was almost struck by lightning while walking on the road, and the lottery number just missed a number; high risk also relatively high reward, Assume first that high rewards may appear in the form of two sixes, which may appear as 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 or leopards, and the rest of the high-risk bets can be tried. Want to see more live entertainment skills, csmbet will bring you more relevant information.

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