Are players tired of classic blackjack? Try it for other game variations in Casino

Playing blackjack is fun, but sometimes you get bored of the same old game. For this reason, there are many variations of blackjack that can be found at your online casino so that the spark you feel while playing is never lost. Since there are several versions, you can play play blackjack to familiarize yourself with each version before betting your precious bankroll.

Classic blackjack

The most basic and traditional game is undoubtedly this version. In this blackjack variation, if the dealer’s initial score is 16 or less, he will be forced to draw another card; if the player reaches a higher total, but does not exceed 21, they will receive a double double the bet. If a player hits blackjack, the player is paid 3 to 1; there is no gain or loss in the event of a tie. If you think the dealer has blackjack, you can use insurance to protect yourself.
If you have two low cards and are confident in your chances, you can double down and stand a chance of getting even more money. If your first two cards have the same value, you can split them into two hands and bet again. Finally, there is a (micro) chance that you will be dealt 10 cards and still not exceed blackjack, in which case you win your bet unless the dealer has blackjack.

Advanced Blackjack

This version is very similar to classic blackjack, the difference lies in the stakes. Here we can take home even more money with two additional bets: Perfect Pair and 21+3. To win with a perfect pair, you must have two pairs of the same suit, such as two 6s of spades. To win with a 21+3 bet, the dealer’s first card and your first two cards must form a combination of flush, straight, three flush, straight flush or three flush, if you are interested, you can try csmbet2.con to find more poker games.

Blackjack surrender

The object of Blackjack Surrender is to bring your hand of cards to add up to 21, or as close as possible without exceeding it, just like in traditional blackjack. The unique element of the game is surrender. In this game, if you are not sure whether you can win, you can fold with the first two cards. However, it is always after the dealer checks the blackjack. This way, you will minimize your losses as you will only lose half of your bet. This is exactly what makes this version one of the most interesting, because we can make better decisions that lead to more profits.

Super 21 blackjack

This is one of the funniest versions of the game. As in other versions, the goal of the game is still to score 21 points. The difference is that if you hit face blackjack with the ace of diamonds, your bet pays 2:1, and if the dealer also has blackjack, you also beat the dealer.

Lucky lucky blackjack

If you love playing blackjack, this version will not disappoint you. This version of Lucky Lucky Blackjack requires a dealer to allow you to win one of the side bets. To win big in online blackjack, try hitting 21 and the lucky number with your card for big payouts and amazing rewards.
The side betting wheel is what sets the Lucky Lucky Blackjack apart from the rest. To bet on a combination of your first two cards and the dealer’s first card, place your chips on the clubs on the table.
This version pays the highest bet: if you get a 7-7-7, just as bad, it pays 200:1, a 6-7-8 of the same suit pays 100:1, and a 7-7-7 of mixed suits pays 50 :1, 6-7-8 of mixed suits pays 25:1. In addition, there are other betting methods, such as 19 points or 20 points, it does not matter if the suit is different, 2:1 profit, all cards plus 21 points of the same suit, the house will pay you. 15:1 gain. Even if you lose your main bet, you can still win these side bets.


Pontoon is a hand with an ace and a ten. This variant of the game is very similar to the original game. The main differences in this game are:

The dealer’s first two cards are dealt face down.

When there is a tie, the dealer wins. Players can start with 15 points, while the dealer starts with 17 points. Considering the pontoon, this is better than blackjack. When you have a hand of 5 cards and they add up to less than blackjack, it instantly beats a blackjack hand. Enjoy more variety of poker games, csmbet offers more than 1,000 live casino games, experience the real casino experience with an exciting range of live casino games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and sic bo .

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