Analysis of the three major risk betting strategies, read this article to learn how to bet!

[Sic Bo] is a game that uses the changes of three dice to play games. Because the gameplay is simple and easy to understand, it is very popular among players, and the casinos are often full of friends and crowds.
Many people think that [Sic Bo] is just a game based on luck, but in fact it is not so pure. It can still control the situation through many skills and strategies, and then go further to victory. Today I will tell you [Sic Bo] Bao]’s three major risk betting strategies. Before that, let’s understand the rules of the game.

Sic Bo gameplay

The game’s table is divided into several betting areas, each representing a different type of betting combination. At the beginning of the game, the player must predict the result of the three dice shaking in the dice cup, and place the chips in the betting area that they think will win, which may be a combination of one or more numbers. After the betting is completed, the betting The official opens the dice cup, and the result is released. If the prediction fails, the bet will be lost. If the prediction is successful, the bet will be paid out according to the odds.

▼Bet on a single number
Below the card table is a row of betting areas divided into six small grids. This area is to bet on the result of the dice rotation and which number will be displayed. If one of the three dice displays the number you bet on, then the payout odds are 1:1, if two of the three dice show the betting number, the payout will be doubled, and if all three dice show the betting number, the payout will be tripled immediately.

▼Bet on the combination of two numbers
Optimistic about which combination of two numbers will appear in the three dice, the betting payout odds are 5:1. For example: bet on 4 and 6, the results of the dice cup opening is 3, 4, 6, bet on 4 and 6, then win 5 times the bonus. If there are 4, 4, or 6, you can only win one combination of money, unless you bet on multiple sets of two number combinations at one time, and the results of the three dice opening cards also match those combinations, then each combination can get a bonus .

▼Bet big or small
Bet on the sum of the numbers of the three dice. Big means the sum is 11 to 18; small means the sum is 3 to 10. The odds are 1:1. If there are 3 numbers of the same number (circle dice, leopard), then the dealer Pass kill. Among the various betting combinations of [Sic Bo], playing “big and small” is the most beneficial to the player, and it also has the lowest advantage of the house.

▼The sum of three numbers
Bet on the sum of the numbers of the three dice, 4~17 in total. If the sum of the numbers after rolling is 3 or 18, then it is a loss, because there are no such combinations on the gaming table.

Three Risky Betting Strategies

What is risk? Risk refers to the possibility of certain losses occurring in the process of seeking victory when playing a game of gambling. It is impossible to gamble without risks, and it will be less addictive. Therefore, there must be risks in betting. You should read this article carefully before buying to see which risk betting strategy is most suitable for you! You can also go to places like csmbet. to learn more about casino game strategies, scratch-off slot machines, poker games, blackjack, baccarat and more.

Low Risk Betting Strategies → Beginner Players
The so-called low-risk betting strategy is to bet as much as possible in the betting area where the banker has a small advantage, such as betting on the size (the banker has only a 2.78% advantage) and betting on numbers. This strategy is most suitable for novices. The emphasis is on simplicity, learning, and easy mastery, plus not losing everything due to bad luck. However, relatively speaking, low risk equals low return, so after you get used to it, you can consider advancing to strategies with higher returns.

Medium Risk Betting Strategy → Conservative Players
It is suitable for players who want to win a lot of money but do not want to take too much risk. The strategy is mainly to use combination betting to increase the chance of winning money. For example: Assuming that both dice are 1 point, then the sum of the three dice may be 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, never 9, 10, 11, 12. Therefore, if you want to bet in the area where the total amount is greater than 8, you might as well place a bet in Pair 1 to diversify your investment, so that the probability of guessing right is greater.
If you want to bet on the total amount, it is best to bet on 9, 10, 11, and 12, because these sums have the most combinations and the probability of winning is the highest. You can refer to the following betting strategy:
Place 3 bets on the sum of 9 areas, and place two bets on Pair 1, Pair 5, and Pair 6 (a total of 9 units of bets)
Place 3 bets on the sum of 12 areas, and place two bets on Pair 1, Pair 2, and Pair 6 (a total of 9 units of bets)
The reason for this is that if you guess the sum, you will win 18 bets; if you guess the pair, you will win 20 bets, which has a higher return, but if you fail to guess, you will lose 9 bets, and the risk is also high. higher. Therefore, this betting strategy is aimed at players who have a certain tolerance for risk and are no longer satisfied with only playing big or small.

High-stakes betting strategies → Aggressive players
High risk also means high return. If you are lucky, your tolerance for risk will be relatively improved. Therefore, when you start to get lucky, you can consider adopting a high-risk betting strategy. This strategy is the same as the medium-risk strategy. It still bets on the total points of the dice and the combination of pairs. When the sum of the dice is 8, it is impossible to appear pair 4, pair 5, and pair 6, but it is possible to appear pair 1, pair 2, and pair. 3. At this time, you can bet like this:
Place 3 bets on the sum of 8 areas, and place two bets on Pair 1, Pair 2, and Pair 3 (a total of 9 units of bets)
Place 3 bets on the sum of 13 areas, and place two bets on Pair 4, Pair 5, and Pair 6 (a total of 9 units of bets)
In this way, if you guess the sum correctly, you can win 24 bets; if you guess the pair, you can win 20 bets; Finally, if you want to learn more about game strategies or play games, csmbet will be your ideal place, providing casino games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. If you have any questions, you can log in to csmbet .com Contact csmbet’s 24/1 customer service team who will be happy to help you with any questions.

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